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Jiangsu Rongye Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the east suburb of Yangzhou— a historical cultural ancient city, enjoying convenient transportation and beautiful scenery.
Jiangsu Rongye Technology Co.,Ltd. founded in 1992, covers an area of 13,000 square meters including a building area nf 8,800 square meters and clean workshop area of 2.000 square meters (Class 100,000 clean workshop with an area of 1,100 square meters), and owns advanced production and sterilizing equipment and complete inspection equipment Our company has passed CE0197 ISO 13485 quality system certification and CE certification.

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Application of virus sampling tube in medical device industry

In the medical device industry, virus sampling tubes are increasingly used. As an important medical device, the quality and manufacturer of virus sampling tube are very important. This paper will discuss the application of virus sampling tube in the medical device industry, and how to choose the right manufacturer of virus sampling tube.

Feb 26,2024

Analysis of manufacturing process of disposable virus sampling tube

Virus sampling tube is an indispensable tool in the research and detection of various viruses, and the disposable virus sampling tube is becoming more and more popular in modern medical laboratories. So, how is the virus sampling tube made? Let's analyze it together. First of all, the production process of the virus sampling tube requires sophisticated production equipment and technology. Manufacturers will choose high-quality raw materials, such as medical-grade plastics such as polypropylene or polycarbonate, to ensure the safety and stability of their products. In the production process, workers will carry out injection molding of raw materials according to the design requirements, and then undergo high-temperature disinfection treatment to ensure the sterility of the product. Secondly, the production of virus sampling tubes requires strict quality control. Manufacturers will conduct multi-process testing and screening to ensure that every aspect of the product meets the standard requirements. From the appearance inspection to the actual use of the test, every link can not be ignored. Only through strict quality inspection can we ensure that the production of virus sampling tubes meet the requirements of medical laboratories. Finally, the production process of virus sampling tube needs continuous improvement and innovation. With the continuous development of medical technology and the deepening of virus research, manufacturers need to constantly update equipment and processes to adapt to changes in market demand. Only by continuous innovation can we remain invincible in the fierce market competition. In general, the production process of virus sampling tube is a comprehensive process, which requires continuous efforts and innovation of manufacturers. Only by ensuring product quality and continuous improvement of the process can we produce high-quality virus sampling tubes that meet market demand.

Feb 23,2024

Virus sampling tube manufacturers: help biomedical detection of the important role and its application scenario interpretation

In the field of global public health security, as a key medical consumable, the quality and performance of virus sampling tube are directly related to the accuracy of virus sample collection, transportation and detection results. Virus sampling tube manufacturers play a vital role in this biomedical testing chain. Virus sampling tube manufacturers focus on the development and production of virus sampling tubes that meet international and domestic standards, which usually contain preservation fluids and sampling swabs, and are designed to provide safe and effective solutions for specimen collection of a variety of viruses, such as new coronavirus and influenza virus. These manufacturers strictly follow the biosafety standards, adopt high-quality raw materials and rigorous production processes to ensure that the produced virus sampling tubes can maintain sample activity within a certain period of time, and minimize the biological risk to operators. In practical applications, such as the current large-scale screening of new coronavirus on a global scale, the products of virus sampling tube manufacturers play a central role. Starting from the throat or nasal cavity samples collected by front-line medical staff through special swabs, the samples were quickly put into sampling tubes containing virus inhibitors and stabilizers, so that the samples could be well preserved in the process of being sent to the laboratory for RT-PCR testing, thus ensuring the reliability of subsequent testing results. In addition, virus sampling tubes are also widely used in vaccine research and development, epidemiological investigation, entry-exit quarantine and many other occasions. Manufacturers also need to customize and develop targeted sampling tube products according to different types of virus characteristics and different research needs, such as freeze-dried sampling tubes, low-temperature transport sampling tubes, etc., to meet diversified scientific research and clinical needs. In general, through continuous research and development and innovation of products, virus sampling tube manufacturers not only strongly support the smooth progress of global epidemic prevention and control work, but also provide solid technical support for biomedical research and disease diagnosis. On this special stage, with their professional technology and dedication, they quietly write a mission to protect human health.

Feb 06,2024



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